California Legislation

In California, the wipes industry is working to overcome widespread confusion that leads to improper disposal of wipes and other hygiene products. Demonstrating the key differences in purpose, design and proper disposal methods for flushable and non-flushable products is fundamental in maintaining the health of our sewer systems and water ways. Educating consumers, wastewater professionals and the media on how flushing other non-flushable products leads to clogs and system upsets that can by costly to fix will encourage them adopt and advocate for responsible and smart flushing behavior.

The wipes industry has joined wastewater sector advocates and Assembly members Richard Bloom and Ian Calderon to co-sponsor Assembly Bill 1672, which promotes enhanced Do Not Flush labeling for wipes not designed to be flushed and by their purpose having a higher likelihood of being flushed by the consumer, such as baby wipes and hard surface cleaning wipes.