Ad Age: Responsible Flushing Alliance Battles Wanton Toilet Behavior


Original Source: Ad Age

New package symbol will help flushers know when it’s cool to flush and when it’s not.

The spirits industry has long had the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. Now the wipes business has its equivalent, the Responsible Flushing Alliance. Its mission: fighting the wanton bathroom behavior that leads to fatbergs, aka congealed lumps in sewers.

It aims to keep people from flushing non-flushable wipes down toilets. These range from certain household cleaning and baby wipes to those used for makeup to Dude Wipes and the little ones you get with a plate of ribs.

The alliance is made up of trade associations, some wipes’ companies and “wastewater sector advocates,” a press release says.

The alliance’s guidelines require a “Do Not Flush” symbol on packages of non-flushable wipes, and that the symbol be clearly visible on store shelves and dispensers. The group says its research shows consumer awareness campaigns can reduce improper flushing of baby wipes by up to 50 percent.